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Women Marines of New Orleans, LA

Becoming a Member

Our History
Purpose of WMA
Becoming a Member
Women Marines Convention 2006
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Women Marines Association
Application for Membership

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Check applicable box     ( ) New  ( ) Renewal     ( ) Reinstated     ( ) New Life     ( ) Life
Date enlisted__________Date Discharged_________How did you hear about WMA___________
                       Last                              First                        MI                                   Maiden/Service
                                   Street                              City/State                                          Zip+4
                                             (mm/DD/Yr)                                                                              (ie OK-2)
Next of KIn______________________________________________________________________
                                    (name)                                                                  (relationship)
                                 (Street)                                           (City/ State)                 (zip+4)
Dues include"Nouncements and the membership Directory. 
 (Check one Box) ( ) One Year...$15.00       ( 2) Years...$25.00    
 Life proprated by age: 
 ( )  30 & under.....$220      ( )  31-45...$190     ( )  46-60...$155     ( ) 61 & Over...$120  
Enclosed Dues  $______________________ Enrolled by (if applicable)____________________
"I certify that I am now serving or have served honorabley in the Unites states Marine Corps, regular or reserve components.
Signature____________________________________ Date_____________________________
make checks payable to WMA and mail with application to:  Women Marines Association
                                                                                                   P.O. Box 8405
                                                                                                   Falls Church, VA 22041-8405

Area 6 Director
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas